2019-11 ⭢ 2019-12
University project
ExpressJS (Node.js) + JS


  • Claudio Maggioni
  • Mejrima Smajilbasic
  • Renato Iannace
  • Matteo Omenetti


Video snippet sharing social media website prototype

This website is a 4-week project for the Software Atelier 3 class in USI. This was a group project of 4 people, in which I took turn at being the team leader.

The function of this website is to allow sharing parts of videos already uploaded on Youtube or Vimeo without freebooting the original content creator. The user can specify a video link and a start-end time, and publish a post on the platform. The post will appear as an either Youtube or Vimeo embedded video player looping automatically in the specified interval. Users can also like and comment on posts, create playlists/albums of posts, and follow other users and get notified of their uploads.

The website also features a special GIF generation feature implemented through youtube-dl and ffmpeg.

The website is currently online here, but signup and creation of anonymous posts are disabled due to the unmoderated nature of the website.