2020-03 to 2020-06
University project
Spring + ReactJS


Smart home manager for (mocked) smart devices, complete with user-definable rooms, presets, and events.
2019-11 to 2019-12
University project
ExpressJS (Node.js) + Mostly vanilla JS


Video snippet sharing social media website prototype
2018-11 to 2018-12
University project

Dr Brainf-ck

Brainf-ck interpreter with integrated editor and stepper
2018-07 to now
Personal project
Python (Django)


Simple AJAX counter with some backend storage and statistics, intended to count the number of arrows shot in an archery training session.
2017-09 to 2017-12
High school project
PHP (Symfony 3) + HTML/CSS/JS


Self assessment quiz platform with integrated statistical review.