2020-03 ⭢ 2020-06
University project
Spring + ReactJS


  • Claudio Maggioni
  • Andrea Brites Marto
  • Matteo Omenetti
  • Jacob Salvi
  • Tommaso Rodolfo Masera
  • Nicola Brunner
  • Filippo Cesana
  • Christian Capeáns Pérez


Smart home manager for (mocked) smart devices, complete with user-definable rooms, presets, and events.

This is a 3 month software engineering project part of the second year of USI’s curriculum. As a team leader, I had to manage a team of 8 people to develop Smarthut, a full-stack Spring + ReactJS web application that manages smart devices.

Smarthut is able to direcly control (mocked) smart devices, but it can also group devices in rooms, configure and apply pre-made settings to a group of devices, and trigger user-defined actions based on a user-defined condition on pre-selected devices.

Smarthut’s backend is a Spring REST application, complete with JWT sessions, CRUD APIs for the different types of device, and a WebSocket API that propagates device status updates. The frontend is a ReactJS application with Redux storage to handle active and passive device updates.